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Why the Price of a New Justice May Be More Than the GOP Can Afford

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Do not despair. It’s not Joe Biden or Chuck Schumer who have huge political hurdles to jump here, but Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell. Yes, those people are despicable and will do anything. But this fight is winnable.

Here’s how. First, Mitch is going to start seeing private polls this week from the key Senate races, and my bet is that those polls will show him that holding a vote for RBG’s replacement before the election will cost him his majority. Ramming through a vote before the election surely violates your average person’s sense of fair play. And while we’re a very polarized country, there still are independents and swing voters, and my hunch is they’ll be two-to-one, maybe three-to-one, against a pre-election confirmation. Goodbye, Susan Collins. Goodbye three or four more.

I admit I could be wrong about the polls, but if I’m right, it comes down to this question: Is McConnell willing to sacrifice his Senate majority to get this Supreme Court seat? It is always said that he cares more about his majority than anything.

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