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Why ‘Islamic’ Trended After a Mass Shooting in Boulder and ‘Christian’ Did Not After One in Atlanta

Police Handouts via Reuters

I always wonder what would make the GOP and the right-wing ecosystem finally care about mass shootings and violent extremism in this country.

A violent insurrection at our nation’s Capitol isn’t enough. One hundred and three mass shootings so far in 2021—40 more than at the same point last year—that have killed 122 people won’t do it. Children killed at Sandy Hook couldn’t bring about gun reform but only lead to conspiracy theories and the harassment of the victims’ parents. US intelligence agencies issuing dire warnings about the rise of white supremacists and militias and potential terror plots can’t dislodge Dr. Seuss from the headlines or keep Tucker Carlson from saying white supremacy is a hoax.

What will it take?

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