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Who Needs Donald Trump When We Have Andrew Cuomo?

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If you want to consider the morbid consequence of not holding a Democratic politician accountable, it’s not very much different from catastrophes of the Republican-enabled Trump presidency: deaths, deceit, and destruction. In New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo faked it, and kept faking it, and never made it. We increasingly see what happens with a do-nothing governor.

Cuomo’s pandemic response has languished and killed. Finally, state and national media are recognizing the abysmal failure of New York. There’s the second-highest rate of death per capita in the United States after New Jersey (yes, Cuomo, like Trump, bears enormous responsibility for not shutting down transportation hubs early enough). Then there’s the horrendously mistaken guidance to New Yorkers at every turn of the pandemic (yes, Cuomo, like Trump, compared COVID to the flu when that had already been disproven).

And now there’s the utterly disastrous vaccination regimen (yes, Cuomo, like Trump, has failed to fund a public health infrastructure for Americans, and Cuomo’s threats of penalties have actually trashed vaccines).

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