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Whistleblower: DHS Hyped ‘Antifa,’ Soft-Pedaled White Supremacist Threat

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Downplay the white supremacist threat. Hype up rhetoric about anti-fascists and other “left-wing” groups stoking violence.  

That’s what the Department of Homeland Security’s leadership ordered one of its top intelligence officials to do, according to a complaint from that staffer, Brian Murphy, released Tuesday.  

In a filing with the Department’s Inspector General, Murphy, until recently a top official in the DHS Office of Intelligence and Analysis, alleges he was recently demoted for his repeated refusals to cook the books on DHS intelligence, particularly that which did not favor the Trump administration. Murphy, who alleges unfair retaliation, claims he was pressured to downplay threats posed by white supremacists and Russian election interference, and instead told to inflate fears around immigrants, anarchists, anti-fascists, China, and Iran.

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