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When You’re White and Republican, They Let You Do It


“I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything,” Donald Trump said in the infamous Access Hollywood tape that caught him bragging about grabbing women by the private parts.

He was right. Republicans made him the figurehead of their party and, one month after that tape emerged, he was elected president. In 2021, he’s finally out of the White House but it turns out that “anything” also includes inciting a violent insurrection that left five people dead in a failed attempt to cancel a democratic election and keep himself in power.

In spite of the harrowing, explicit, and convincing evidence presented by their Democratic colleagues, a majority of Republican lawmakers still seem certain to acquit Trump for inspiring an insurrection. Which is no surprise, given how the actions of the alleged party of law and order over the past five years show that they actively support and endorse such wanton criminality. The “Blue Lives Matter” party doesn’t care that a cop was tortured and killed and 140 other officers injured.

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