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What It’s Like When MAGA Nation Wants to Kill You for Your Movie

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Take one self-proclaimed satanism expert. Add in a pinch of dumpster-diving. Throw in a chicken coop fire, and (of course) pillow magnate and Donald Trump pal Mike Lindell. And you’ve got the recipe that Trump 2020 deadenders are currently cooking up in the great state of Arizona to try to, somehow, overturn the election there.

“It could be like a Coen brothers movie. It has that atmosphere,” Daily Beast political reporter Will Sommer tells his colleague and co-host Asawin Suebsaeng on the premiere episode of Fever Dreams, The Daily Beast’s new podcast. “You have these kind of vigilante groups of people who connect on Facebook and say, ‘Well, let’s go to the board of elections’—and then they dive into the dumpster and see what they can find… Or there was a fire at a chicken farm owned by or connected to this guy who’s opposed to the recount, and they said, ‘Well, he probably put the ballots in there and set the fire!’ And then they go out to the farm and they smell the air and they say: ‘This smells like burnt ballot to me!’”

Fever Dreams takes you inside the right’s push to retake power, from the conspiracy-slingers to the MAGA acolytes to the straight-up grifters. Thought the Trump era was crazy? Wait ’til you hear what comes next.

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