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What Immigration Activists Can Learn From BLM’s Success

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When Donald Trump finally made good on his long-standing threats to send in the feds to police American cities in the midst of protests about policing, it wasn’t the Army or some new phantom force but Customs and Border Patrol. To quote a fairly popular leftist chant: La migra, la policía, la misma porquería

Agents have been snatching Black Lives Matter protesters off of the streets of Portland, a thousand miles from the nearest border in a scene that may be coming soon to a city near you. If you’re surprised that CBP, whom we’ve relied on to weed out so-called “bad hombres” from crossing our borders, is now being weaponized against “legal” and “law-abiding” residents, you haven’t been paying attention. 

It’s no coincidence that the same forces responsible for brutalizing Black communities, instituting inherently racist measures like stop and frisk, and disproportionately incarcerating people of color are working in tandem with the forces that shoot tear gas at asylum-seekers at the border, throw families into ice boxes and violently raid homes leaving kids without parents. What’s overdue is a closer alignment of the Black and immigrant communities that have been on the receiving end of those forces.

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