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What Do We Actually Know About Our Aging POTUS Candidates’ Health?

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Why, on a sunny Saturday last November, did President Donald Trump make an unplanned, unannounced visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, leaving the White House in such apparent haste that his button-down shirt was open and tieless?

Because doctors wanted to be able to see his “gorgeous chest,” of course.

“[The media] said, ‘he wasn’t wearing a tie—this is a sign of a massive heart attack,’” Trump later groaned at a rally in Sunrise, Florida, nine days after his surprise hospital visit and thin subsequent explanation sparked fears that he had suffered some sort of medical emergency. “Why would I wear a tie if the first thing they do is say, ‘take off your shirt, sir, and show us that gorgeous chest?’ It’s true. ‘We want to see, sir. We’ve never seen a chest quite like it.’”

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