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We’re on the Cusp of a Lost COVID Generation—Do We Care?

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We are finally beginning to peek around the COVID corner and cannot yet see what the post-pandemic world holds. There remain many unknowns, but at least one certainty: our children have suffered, all of them. And, once again, our educational system finds itself at the center of large social problems.

The cumulative effects of COVID on our children are deep: lockdowns, anxiety, insecurity, isolation, Zoom-school, closed schools, social distancing, the list goes on and on. Children were not just bystanders; they experienced first-hand the horrors of the pandemic as they suffered losses and watched their own families struggle. Add to this the political turmoil and social injustice of the past year, and we have a whole generation of children who have been shaped by COVID.

It is surely a COVID generation, but also without significant effort, they could become a lost generation.

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