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Vote Republican or Pay a Price, Creepy Landlord Letters Warn


You can add rogue landlords to the list of potentially sinister characters, along with far-right Proud Boys, Boogaloos, and militia members, looming over one of the most fraught elections in American history.

Two weeks before Election Day, voters in New York and Colorado received letters from their landlords. Democratic candidates were sure to raise taxes, the landlords warned in the letters, and it would be a shame if those candidates won and the landlords had to, say, jack up rent.

While election security experts sound alarms about partisan “poll watchers” potentially intimidating voters, letters from landlords represent a grayer area of voter-influence. The letters received by renters this week never explicitly threaten to raise rents if they vote Democratic: they just heavily imply it could happen. It’s a probably-legal tactic adding more pressure to a tinderbox of an election cycle.

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