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Unvaccinated Pittsburgh city workers risk firing

Rambo Islas, 8 months, is held by his mother Maria Islas, as he gets a shot for a vaccine administered by RN, Nicole Ives at the Dallas County Health & Human Services immunization clinic in Dallas on Friday, March 8, 2019. (Vernon Bryant/AP)

Unvaccinated Pittsburgh city workers risk firing

November 03, 06:00 PM November 03, 06:00 PM

Outgoing Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto said unvaccinated city workers could face termination if they ignore the mandate’s Dec. 22 deadline.

“The science is clear that getting the vaccine protects us from the severity of COVID and its variants that are once again filling our hospitals,” Peduto said Monday, noting that employees interact daily with “critical” populations. “It is our responsibility to act collectively to protect both our employees and the public so that we can move on and continue our recovery from the pandemic.”

The statement came alongside an executive order that indicated workers without a medical or religious exemption “will be subject to employment actions, including unpaid administrative leave and/or discipline up to and including termination, until they show proof of vaccination.”

The city employs a little more than 4,000 people, according to a 2020 report from PublicSource, with about one-third working for the police department alone.

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