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Tucker Carlson May Be America’s Biggest Public Health Problem

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One of the biggest problems for public health in America is that newly promoted and horribly ubiquitous Fox News host Tucker Carlson is smart, much smarter than his peers in Rupert Murdoch’s personal propaganda network. And Carlson keeps telling his vast viewership just how dangerous he suspects not the coronavirus, but the vaccine against it, is to their health.

On a week when the Biden administration started grappling with the question of how they were going to move on to the next phase of their Herculean vaccination effort, shifting to family doctors and pharmacies as vaccine distribution sites as they try and convince holdouts to get the shot, Carlson is committed to convincing his vast viewership to keep resisting. On Wednesday night, he highlighted the CDC’s open source Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, or VAERS, which has long been a go-to destination for the disinformation set, as he monologued about the supposed dangers of getting protected from the coronavirus under a news chyron that read: “EVERYONE IN AUTHORITY WANTS YOU TO GET YOUR VACCINE”.

After months of “just asking” about vaccines—in between harassing female journalists, spouting white nationalist talking points, and defending killer cop Derek Chauvin—Carlson finally walked right up to the line of coming out as a full-blown anti-vaxxer, claiming that something fatally suspicious appears to be happening here since, “Most vaccines are not accused of killing large numbers of people.”

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