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Trump’s Truth Social Is Doing Even Worse Than You Thought

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The app that Donald Trump once hoped would avenge his exile from social media and make him a MAGA Mark Zuckerberg has instead plummeted to the 28th most popular social media platform in Apple’s App Store, lagging behind the likes of more obscure social networks like “Wizz,” “BeReal,” and “Bloomer-random video chat.”

Soon after the start of the “soft launch” of his social media company Truth Social in late February, Donald Trump grew deeply annoyed with the anemic growth and the lackluster rollout of the website. Though Trump and his team were expecting the new app to be a huge hit with his political base, the site was handily trounced in recent weeks by competitor MAGA social networks, including one that caters primarily to neo-Nazis.

But this month, the situation has only gotten worse for Trump’s latest large-scale business venture, according to data analyses reviewed by The Daily Beast, and sources close to Trump say he has recently complained about the low-energy activity on the app and appears disengaged from trying to turn the platform around, much less post on it.

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