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Trump’s Salivating Over SCOTUS Fight: A Chance to Own Libs and Rescue His Campaign

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Following the death of Supreme Court justice and liberal icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg, President Donald Trump and his political aides have arrived at their apotheosis of owning the libs.

For the final two months of the 2020 presidential blitz against Joe Biden, Team Trump plans to hammer away at the new Supreme Court vacancy—gleeful at the angst it will cause on the left and shrugging off prospects that it could incite even more civil unrest across the country. They believe that the end result will be further juicing of their base turnout and, in turn, the rescuing of their campaign in an increasingly difficult race.

Trump’s latest messaging reset comes at a time when GOP operatives and prominent party allies are thrilled to divert attention from other major issues that have threatened to doom Republicans this November: mainly, the president’s disastrous response to the coronavirus pandemic, and his equally hamfisted handling of widespread protests against racism in policing that have raged for months.

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