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Trump’s Latest Assault on the Law Comes From George W. Bush’s Torture Lawyer

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As his political support withers away along with his prospects for re-election, Donald Trump is declaring his intention to try governing as a dictator. 

Trump, who bashed Obama for relying on executive orders and boasted that he’d get legislative deals done, long ago gave up on getting bills through Congress. Now, relying on advice from the lawyer who told George W. Bush that torture is legal, the president contends that he’s free to govern by issuing plainly illegal executive orders. 

That helps explain why Trump—who is denying the United States Postal Service the resources required to deliver many mail-in ballots —bizarrely claimed last week that he has the ability to issue an executive order to outright bar states from accepting mail-in ballots at all. While such a gambit would almost surely fail, Trump’s threat is part-and-parcel of a last ditch power grab by a desperate president. 

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