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Trump‘s ‘Greatest Economy Ever’ Was Always a Lie

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There’s no doubt where Donald Trump is going campaign-wise. Race race race. Getting smoked by Fox News and Chris Wallace over the weekend obviously won’t shame him. He’ll just get worse and worse. 

My bet is he’ll overplay the race card. I remember Lee Atwater once saying something like yes, you can get many white people to vote based on racial fear, but you have to be subtle about it because most white people don’t want to think of themselves as racist. Given where public opinion has settled since George Floyd’s murder, Trump’s all but overt racism might actually be a losing proposition.

But here’s another argument we know Trump will run on—that he was overseeing “the greatest economy that we’ve had in our history, the best,” as he put it last year, until the pandemic hit. And corollary to that, that once that virus “miracle” he keeps talking about finally happens, he’ll do it again. 

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