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Trump’s GOP Is on the Ropes. Biden Aims to Finish Them Off.

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Hard as it is to believe that anyone could think Donald Trump could be better than Joe Biden at anything, from running the country to drinking from a glass of water, there are such people. And it was those people to whom Biden pitched his economic speech Thursday afternoon in Dunmore, Pennsylvania, outside of Scranton, where he famously grew up in the pre-Dunder Mifflin era.

It was not a speech for the ages, from a rhetorical point of view. But what he said was fine. Plenty fine. He had some very tough attack lines on Trump, as my colleague Hanna Trudo pointed out. On the programmatic side, it was fine. The specifics don’t particularly matter. What matters are three things.

First, that he win. As Republicans have long understood better than Democrats, the first job in politics is to win the damn election. If you win, you can do maybe a quarter to a half of what you said you wanted to do, depending on the circumstances. But if you lose, you do zero. And meanwhile, if you lost, that means the bad guy won, and he’ll do lots and lots of bad things.

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