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Trump’s Final Tantrum Will Leave America in Shambles For Biden


We have 58 days to go until Wednesday, January 20, when Joe Biden will become president.

That’s 58 more days for Donald Trump to find new ways, beyond the few hundred he’s already exhausted, to wreck the country.

There’s no question that that’s what he’s going to do. He can’t accept that he lost fair and square. He hates Joe Biden, hates the media (now including Fox News), hates 80 million voters, hates the states of Arizona and Georgia, hates every other state that voted against him, hates the government, hates the parts of his job that require thought, hates Republicans like the Georgia secretary of state and governor who followed the law, hates the law, and most of all hates democracy, because it’s democracy that is sending him back to Palm Beach.

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