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Trump's Economic Adviser Doesn’t Understand Trump's COVID Relief Orders

White House chief economic adviser Larry Kudlow appeared extremely confused by the executive actions President Donald Trump signed over the weekend to extend unemployment benefits, repeatedly claiming on Sunday that out-of-work Americans will receive far more money Trump’s orders say.

Amid a stalemate between Democrats and Republicans on coronavirus stimulus talks, the president attempted to do a potentially illegal end-around by issuing a series of orders from his New Jersey golf course. One action extended the weekly unemployment bonus, reducing the amount to $400 and requiring states to play 25 percent of the benefits. It is unclear how many states will be able to afford to pay their share of the bonus.

During a lengthy and contentious CNN interview on Sunday morning, Kudlow immediately insisted that the order would place at least twice as much cash as the order claims, leaving State of the Union host Dana Bash puzzled and bewildered.

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