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Trump’s Coronavirus Plan? Talk Shit, Cut Taxes, and Pray for the Best.

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So, if I were the president of the United States right now, I’d be up at night worrying about, oh, nursing homes. Senior citizen centers. Hospitals for the mentally ill. Imagine what’s going on right now in those places. Or homeless shelters, or, yes, even prisons. In other words, I’d have a lot on my mind in the public health realm, as you or any other decent human being would.

But what was Donald Trump up late Tuesday night-early Wednesday morning tweeting about, at 1 am?:

Are you fucking kidding me? Still with the Pocahontas? And the Bernie obsession? And what’s with the three days business? The days are such a blur, events such a Gatling-gun assault on the brain, I can’t remember what day Elizabeth Warren dropped out, let alone keep a mental note of what day she “should have.” 

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