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Trump’s Always Told ‘Jokes.’ Now, He’s Becoming One.

Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast

Has Donald Trump officially become a laughingstock? I guess it depends on which channel you watch. 

On Wednesday morning, Trump phoned in to “Fox & Friends,” where he talked ad nauseum, for over an hour, only occasionally stopping his ramblings to field “questions” about what a great job he’s doing and how lousy his enemies are. The phoner may have been intended as a chaser to  wash away the bad taste from his much-mocked sit-down with Jonathan Swan where, to any reasonable observer, it became clear that the president can’t hit anything other than softballs. 

However, this conclusion will only be evident to those exposed to both shows. Many Trump supporters will only see the “Fox & Friends” interview. It’s not just that Trump’s America isn’t capable of discerning a bad performance from a good one (although, that’s probably true), it’s also that they self-filter their media exposure. (In fairness, Trump recently sat down with “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace. Presumably, some residents of Trump’s America saw that one, and it did not go well.)

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