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Trumpkins Are Losing Their Mind Over Occupy Wall Street’s Faux Plans for a White House ‘Siege’

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As protests over racism roil the country, Trump supporters have found a new thing to be terrified of: a “siege” of the White House, straight from the organizers of Occupy Wall Street.

Set to start on Sept. 17 and run through the election, the “White House Siege” isn’t meant to be an actual blockade of the White House. But that hasn’t stopped pro-Trump personalities from portraying the protest as an existential threat to the Trump administration and even America’s system of government itself.

Far-right blog The Gateway Pundit has described the protest with the headline  “Democrat Supported Marxist Group Plans Siege on White House,” while right-wing blog Big League Politics called for its organizers to be tried “under federal RICO laws or under the federal War on Terror.”

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