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Trumpist Election-Deniers Descend Into High School Drama

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In the aftermath of the contested 2020 vote, Trump’s biggest election-fraud cheerleaders—Lin Wood, Sidney Powell, and Michael Flynn—were a tight crew. But the MAGA clique’s now in trouble, as they turn on each other with wild accusations and petty infighting.

The drama started after the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, when the teen accused Wood of “botching the case or trying not to get him out of jail,” Fever Dreams co-host Will Sommer explains. “And that really puts Lin Wood in a hot spot because Kyle Rittenhouse is just the darling of the right, right now.” Add to that a spat over Rittenhouse’s $2 million in bail money, which Wood thinks belongs to him (since he raised much of it) and suddenly the stakes are pretty high.

Meanwhile, other pro-Trump factions are coming out of the woodwork to slam the lawyer online—including Sebastian Gorka, who has branded Wood a “fraud” and is calling for him to be charged with “aiding and abetting” Rittenhouse’s imprisonment. And Sidney Powell, Wood’s one-time ride-or-die, who has been “very quiet about this whole Rittenhouse thing and she’s not backing up her guy.”

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