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Trumpers Are Setting Up Elaborate Traps to Catch People Stealing Their Pro-Trump Signs

Michelle Hanks/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Threats to tarnish or steal Trump campaign signs, both real and fictional, have come to occupy a deep place in the right-wing imagination this election cycle.

For some, the go-to solution to protecting the signs from thieves has been booby-traps. A city worker in Michigan, for example, cut his hand open after he tried to move an illegally placed Trump sign that had been secretly fitted with razor blades. Earlier this month, a bomb squad in Maryland was called out to check on wires attached to a Trump sign. The wires turned to be a kind of makeshift alarm meant to deter thieves.

But for a locally notorious group of Facebook livestreamers in Arizona, the solution to fighting sign thieves has been crouching for hours at a time in bushes, hoping to catch a sign bandit in action. The plan has worked perfectly — if they don’t end up in jail for their own separate offenses first.

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