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Trump Wrongly Jailed Him for Murder. Biden’s Still Holding Him

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On Thursday morning, Omar Ameen appeared, clad in a red jumpsuit and via remote video, in an initial removal hearing to confront some of the most serious charges that a potential deportee can face. The Department of Homeland Security contends that Ameen, an Uber driver and father of four, is in fact a leading member of a feared ISIS hit squad, and that he murdered a police officer in his native Iraq before lying on his refugee application about his terrorist connections in an elaborate plot to gain admission into the United States.

The fact that each of those accusations was obliterated in federal court just last month is, to the Department of Homeland Security at least, of little consequence.

Ameen’s hearing, conducted remotely, is the latest installment in a three-year saga of a man who sought freedom and safety in the West, only to become the victim of what his legal team calls an attempted frame job by a crooked Iraqi militia leader with an ancestral grudge and financial incentive to lie—and of the Trump administration’s fervent desire to justify ending the nation’s refugee program for good.

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