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Trump Whitewashes His COVID-19 Record At Convention

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The first night of the Republican convention was always destined to be, in part, an attempt to whitewash much of the administration’s record on the COVID-19 pandemic. And the first hour showed just how committed the GOP is to the task—offering up a mix of glossy videos and disinformation packaged in a variety of formats. 

Several video montages praised the president for taking decisive action, presenting the deaths of more than 175,000 Americans as an achievement worth celebrating, if only because it could have been much worse. 

The content was not tethered to reality. It ignored the happy talk that the president has spouted about the virus going away. And it touted the administration’s handling of protective equipment for health-care workers when, in fact, states had warned for months at its slow arrival. It asserted that a ban on traveling to and from China saved millions of lives when scientists have said that the strand that hit the United States came from Europe. 

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