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Trump Whines He’s Not Getting Praised for a Recovery With 25 Million People Still Out of Work

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In the past month, during which two U.S. jobs reports have shown signs of an economic rebound from the depths of coronavirus-related ruin, President Donald Trump has focused largely on what often matters most to him: not getting public credit.

According to three people who’ve independently spoken to the president, Trump makes a point of regularly complaining that the media has not given him the kudos he deserves for “leading” what he deems to be a smashing economic recovery. He’s argued that if former Vice President Joe Biden were in the White House during the current moment, the media would be fawning over the strong job gains, including the nearly five million jobs that the Labor Department reported on Thursday had been added over the last month ending in mid-June.

Trump’s gone so far as to suggest that Democrats would want to build “statues” honoring Biden, one of the sources said. Elsewhere, he’s griped about how the “phony” polls conducted by independent organizations aren’t reflecting more voter enthusiasm about economic rejuvenation, another source recounted.

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