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Trump Wasn’t Just Ignorant—He Was Malevolent In Talking Down Virus He Knew Was ‘Deadly’


Every once in a great, great while, life is more delicious than you’d dared to hope. 

I was reading early Wednesday afternoon about what may be the big scoop from Bob Woodward’s new book on the Trump administration: that on February 7, while Trump was pooh-poohing the virus publicly, he told Woodward: “This is deadly stuff.” In fact, five times as deadly as the normal flu, he said. There’s no denying that Trump said this; lordly, there are tapes.

So I asked myself the question that any journalist would : What was Trump saying publicly on that day? When the president of the United States was acknowledging to America’s most famous reporter that the coronavirus was far more deadly than your average flu, it was hours after he’d sent out these two successive tweets, at 5:31 a.m.:

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