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Trump Wants To Make the Next Debate All About Biden. Hunter Biden

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In the days before the second and final planned debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden, the president’s close advisers were trying to get the incumbent to lean on his strengths. But instead of concentrating on any specific policy achievement, that meant largely going after the former vice president’s kid.

After all, by targeting Hunter Biden, making the debate moderator the enemy of the president, and casting other quintessentially Trumpian grievances into the air, the Trump campaign can try to take the focus away from the coronavirus catastrophe that continues to drag his presidency into a deficit.

The Biden campaign is loath to let that happen. Sticking with the approach that has steered their campaign to a polling lead for months, the Democratic challenger is planning to, once again, blame Trump over and over for the nation’s continuous COVID-19 horrors.

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