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Trump Turns Coronavirus Roundtable Into Mask-Free Campaign Rally

Tom Brenner/Reuters

President Donald Trump paid a visit to Florida on Friday for a roundtable discussion on the dual threat of the new coronavirus and the fast-approaching hurricane season. But he quickly turned the trip to Tampa into an impromptu campaign rally, complete with MAGA hats and music blaring for supporters who awaited his arrival on an airport tarmac.

At the time of his arrival, the Sunshine State had not only hit a grim new milestone with a record 257 COVID-19 deaths in a single day, but it had also closed all government-run COVID-19 testing centers until Tuesday due to the incoming Hurricane Isaias.

Yet he barely mentioned the pandemic, instead launching into his usual greatest hits from campaign rallies, telling the crowd “chaos and bloodshed” will reign if Joe Biden becomes president, and that only he can “defend the American way of life.” 

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