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Trump Superfan Bill Mitchell Raised Money to Move to D.C. He Moved to Miami Instead

Screenshot/Bill Mitchell/Twitter/GoFundMe

Trump superfan Bill Mitchell is in hot water with his fans, after raising nearly $15,000 to move to Washington, D.C. to improve his online video show and then taking the cash and moving to Miami instead.

Mitchell, a vocal promoter of the QAnon conspiracy theory who became internet-famous in 2016 for his ardent, sometimes-cult-like Twitter defenses of Donald Trump, claimed in May that he wanted to move his online video show “Your Voice America” to a top-of-the-line studio in the nation’s capital. 

Mitchell said the move to D.C. from his studio in Palm Beach, Florida would give him and his viewers access to senators, congressmen, and other assorted “movers and shakers.” He said he planned to make the trek within 90 days of May 5. But first, he needed to raise money to pay for the studio.

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