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Trump Plans to Use National Guard Budget for Border Fencing

Veronica G. Cardenas/Reuters

The Trump administration plans to take more than $1 billion from the National Guard and use it to fund border security, including new fencing, according to two Congressional sources briefed on the matter. 

In total, the Pentagon aims to move $3.8 billion from their annual budget to border security spending, one of the sources said. Of that, about $1.3 billion will come from the National Guard and reserves equipment budget and will instead be spent on bollard-style fences, roads, and sensor lights in areas on federal land, according to the sources. The Trump administration cites cross-border drug trafficking as justification for the spending.

In a letter to acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf reviewed by The Daily Beast, Defense Secretary Mark Esper wrote that the money would support “efforts to secure the southern border by blocking up to 13 drug-smuggling corridors along the southern border through the construction of roads and fences and the installation of lighting.”

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