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Trump Lawyers Demand Enemies Pay for ‘Weaponizing Courts’


Former President Donald Trump’s lawyers are asking a federal court to make Democrats pay. Literally.

On Monday, the ex-president’s attorneys sent a new motion to the legal team representing Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson and the NAACP in a lawsuit that alleges Trump conspired to incite the U.S. Capitol riot on Jan. 6 and disrupt the Electoral College vote count, according to three people familiar with the document. Trump’s attorneys contend that the plaintiffs brought a “frivolous” suit against the twice-impeached former president, and argue that a federal judge should sanction the opposing side.

In the motion, a copy of which was reviewed by The Daily Beast on Tuesday, Trump attorney Jesse Binnall argues that the lawsuit represents an attempt to “weaponize the federal court system in a political dispute” and use the courts to regulate “political speech.” As a result, Trump’s legal team says that Thompson, the 10 members of Congress who signed onto the suit, and their attorneys “should be ordered to pay President Trump’s fees and costs reasonably incurred in defending against this frivolous lawsuit and for such other sanctions as this Court finds just and reasonable.”

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