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Trump Keeps Calling People ‘Losers.’ Does He Have a Mirror?

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It was a no good, very bad weekend for the president of the United States. Two months from his election, the entire Labor Day weekend news cycle consisted of Trump fighting with The Atlantic about whether he’d called injured and killed troops “losers” and “suckers” based on the reporting in the magazine. A weekend of “did he call the troops losers” commenced. That made it not a great weekend for Trump, even by Trump standards of not-great weekends. 

On Monday, Trump decided to try and change the narrative with a press conference about job numbers, which I guess are theoretically better than expected, but honestly with 31 million out of work and the enhanced unemployment already having expired in mid-August, I’m not sure how anyone can celebrate. That said, Trump pressers are usually an easy layup with questions from One America News Network and the New York Post, but the problem with Trump is that he has one mode, attack, and so there’s no musing about infrastructure or UBI or any legislation. Legislation isn’t really Trump’s thing. 

During this press conference that was supposed to be about jobs, Trump said, “Biden’s a stupid person. You know that.” It’s a statement that has nothing to do with jobs but a lot to do with attacking Joe Biden. And from there it was just a quick jump back to attacking the military, because Trump’s only political tactic is a hammer, thus everything looks like nails to him. 

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