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Trump Family Lawyer Charles Harder Asks Judge to Keep Mary Trump Gagged

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Just hours after startling revelations were made public about Mary Trump’s highly anticipated Trump family tell-all Too Much And Never Enough: How My Family Created The World’s Most Dangerous Man, the president’s brother made a fervent plea to a judge to continue a gag order against his niece. 

At the heart of Robert Trump’s legal arguments is the claim that if not stopped, the book could undermine and destabilize all private confidentiality agreements like the one Mary Trump signed in the disposition of family patriarch Fred Trump’s estate. Both Mary Trump and publisher Simon & Schuster have asserted that they have a First Amendment right to disseminate the information despite the non-disclosure deal. 

Celebrity attorney Charles Harder, representing the elder generation of Trumps, insisted that Mary Trump’s depiction of her family in the memoir—which The Daily Beast first reported was “harrowing and salacious” last month—is not protected political speech. Instead, he said, the situation resembles copyright infringement cases in which courts have held the First Amendment does not apply. 

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