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Trump Escalated Obama’s War in Yemen

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Despite President Trump’s claimed antipathy to Mideast wars, he has dramatically escalated U.S. counterterrorism activity in Yemen, far beyond the levels he inherited from Barack Obama, according to a new assessment from a leading counterterrorism watchdog.

A just-released report from Airwars, one of the most persistent researchers of wars waged under a veil of official secrecy, finds that the U.S. military and CIA launched up to 231 air strikes and, to a lesser extent, ground engagements in Yemen from 2017 to 2020.

While the vast spike in attacks on Yemeni targets occurred during Trump’s first year in office, that 231 strike total is enough to nearly tie the 255 such strikes in Yemen during all eight years of Obama’s time in office. It’s the latest indication that Trump’s lethal counterterrorism actions have outpaced Obama’s, despite the widespread perception, encouraged by the president, that Trump disdains endless foreign wars.

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