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Trump Deportations Helped Spread COVID 'Disaster' to Central America

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The Trump administration’s attempts to implement longstanding policy goals on immigration in the name of fighting the coronavirus pandemic has helped spread the deadly virus to Central America, according to a new report from an international refugee organization provided to The Daily Beast. 

Among the findings, a staggering one in five cases of COVID-19 in Guatemala can be traced back to migrants that the United States has deported.

The report from Refugee International, a non-governmental organization that advocates for displaced people, published on Tuesday morning, has found that despite being given a clean bill of health by the U.S. government, would-be asylum seekers and deportees from the United States are increasingly being returned to their countries of origin and testing positive with the coronavirus once they arrive. The organization pins the blame on crowded conditions in American detention centers, the spread of the virus among immigrant communities forced to live and work in cramped environments, and the living conditions for those seeking asylum at the U.S. border—all of which amount to a “public health disaster” in the making.

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