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Trump Compares Downplaying COVID-19 to Churchill During World War II

President Donald Trump took his defense of his intentional downplaying of the coronavirus to another level on Thursday night, comparing his decision to lie to the American public to British Prime Minister Winston Churchill telling London residents to stay calm during World War II bombing campaigns.

During a rally in Michigan which featured very little social distancing or mask-wearing, the president railed against the fallout over his February admission to veteran journalist Bob Woodward that he knew that COVID-19 was airborne, highly contagious, and deadlier than “strenuous flus.” Weeks later, after belatedly declaring a national emergency, Trump would tell Woodward that he “wanted to always play it down.”

After patting himself on the back over his response to a pandemic that has taken over 190,000 American lives, the president invoked President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s inspirational inaugural address during the height of the Great Depression. (Fox News host Sean Hannity, a confidant and informal presidential adviser, referenced FDR’s speech the night before.)

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