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Trump Cheers on Kanye’s Bid but His Pollster Has Got Reservations

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As it’s become clear that rapper Kanye West’s 2020 campaign is getting boosted by longtime GOP operatives, figures close to Donald Trump’s campaign and even the president himself have seemingly been delighted at the potential to “ratfuck” and spoil the election for Joe Biden

But it’s not all champagne popping in Trumpworld. Some Trump advisers have privately conceded that there is scant data to suggest that getting West on enough ballots would drain significant support from the presumptive 2020 Democratic nominee, and that doing so amounts to taking advantage of a man suffering from mental health issues. And even the president’s own pollster is warning that the maneuver could backfire.

“[It] could siphon from Trump Blacks who don’t like Biden,” John McLaughlin, a top pollster for President Trump, told The Daily Beast on Wednesday night. “Blacks who don’t like Biden in a two-way race would vote for the president. Now they might consider Kanye.”

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