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Trump: Biden Is Insulting Men Everywhere by Picking Woman as Running Mate

Reuters / Kevin Lamarque

If you’re looking for a quintessential example of fragile masculinity, look no further. President Donald Trump suggested Tuesday morning that, in pledging to pick a woman as his running mate, Joe Biden has offended men everywhere.

Trump made his comments in a simpering interview with Fox Sports personality and OutKick founder Clay Travis. Travis’ fearsome questioning covered why the president thinks the media is so mean to him, what sports he likes to watch on television, and if he thought Biden had made a mistake doing something so outlandish as to choose a woman as his as-yet-unannounced vice-presidential pick.

Asked by Travis who he would pick if he was in Biden’s position, the president replied: “I would be inclined to a different route to the way he’s done. First of all he roped himself into a, you know, certain group of people.” For those unable to crack the president’s mysterious code, Travis explained: “He said he had to pick a woman.”

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