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Trump Ally Allegedly Punched Protester After White House Speech

A Portland activist who had traveled to Washington, D.C. to protest the Republican convention says he was punched in the head by one of Donald Trump’s most ardent evangelical Christian allies. Video of the attack appears to support his claim. 

On Thursday, pro-Trump writer and talk radio host Eric Metaxas was among the roughly 1,500 attendees at Trump’s Republican National Convention speech on the White House lawn. Afterwards, Metaxas left the White House grounds with a crowd of people, entering streets where protesters had been staging demonstrations throughout the night. 

Footage of that moment shows anti-Trump protester Anthony Harrington biking past a group of Trump supporters, yelling “Fuck Trump, fuck you!” As Harrington passed by, a man Harrington identified to The Daily Beast as Metaxas punched him in the side or back of the head. 

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