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Trump Administration Plots Crackdown by Feds in Cities Nationwide

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The crackdown by federal law enforcement in some American cities is on the verge of going national, according to knowledgeable Trump administration sources. 

As previewed by White House chief of staff Mark Meadows over the weekend and President Donald Trump on Monday, the administration intends to send federal law enforcement into Democratic-run cities—whether those cities want federal police help or not. Multiple sources expected Chicago, a flashpoint of white anxiety, to be a focus, as the Chicago Tribune first reported

The Department of Homeland Security is taking the lead in Portland, where federal agents are assaulting unarmed and largely peaceful protesters. After Trump issued his June 26 executive order to protect “monuments”—a culture war initiative as protesters toppled and vandalized statues, many of openly white supremacist, Confederate figures—DHS put together a task force called PACT of federal officers on the pretext of protecting federal property. 

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