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To All Black Journalists: We See You, We Support You

As black journalists, the arrest live on air of CNN reporter Omar Jimenez felt like an all-too-common case of being black in the wrong place and at the wrong time, and a striking reminder that at any point, it could be us.

The Afrolatino correspondent and his crew were standing in an area the police were attempting to clear, and as he calmly asked where the officers wanted him and his crew to move, the police arrested them. The footage was chilling, and while the Chicago-based reporter was released hours later, unharmed, his arrest was a visible representation of what’s usually an invisible story.

It exemplified what it means to be black in the news industry: Covering stories about the racialized violence and mistreatment of people that look like us, people who are us, makes it nearly impossible to separate ourselves from the story.

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