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This Trumpy Anti-Trafficking Group Relies on Psychic for Tips

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A tough-talking anti-human-trafficking organization with ties to former President Donald Trump relied on a tip from a psychic for at least one of its failed “raids” in Haiti, according to reporters who have tracked the group.

“They have defended the use of psychics and made it sound like something that law enforcement does all the time, which they might do, but that doesn’t make it a good idea,” Vice senior staff writer Anna Merlan said on the latest episode of The Daily Beast’s Fever Dreams podcast.

The anti-trafficking group Operation Underground Railroad and its founder, Tim Ballard, have become stars on the right with their claims of using former soldiers to raid brothels and rescue children around the world. Ballard landed a position on a Trump administration panel aimed at fighting human trafficking, and his group has been backed by sports celebrities like baseball player Bryce Harper and Pittsburgh Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin, as well as motivational speaker Tony Robbins and talk-radio host Glenn Beck.

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