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This Mini-Trump Doesn’t Want to Be Seen With the Real Thing

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The race for governor in Virginia has become a culture war centered around Donald Trump, with popular former governor Terry McAuliffe vying for a comeback by warning that, “We can’t let Trump use Virginia to pick himself up”—as polls showing an ominously tight race with early voting already underway.

If Republican Glenn Youngkin wins, it will send shock waves through our politics as the first electoral test of the endurance of the Big Lie and an aggrieved ex-president’s role in the titanic struggle for control of Congress in 2022.

A former private equity investor, Youngkin has courted the Trump base with his call for “election integrity” and promise to audit Virginia voting machines, along with what he calls a “movement” for parents to take back control of schools and his opposition to vaccine and mask mandates. At the same time, Yougkin has appealed to moderates in the vote-rich suburbs by promising to rebate taxes and eliminate the state tax on food, but without saying how he would replace the lost revenue that helps fund education.

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