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This May Be the Real Reason Why Rudy’s So Thirsty for a Preemptive Pardon—and Why He Won’t Get One

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Reports, denied of course by Rudy Giuliani and his lawyer, that he has discussed a preemptive pardon with Donald Trump are made even more credible by the fact that Giuliani knows that he is part of an investigation by the FBI and federal prosecutors, who may well have held off on further action during the “blackout” period leading up to the election because an indictment of the president’s personal attorney would have been perceived as politically motivated.

If, as it appears, Giuliani is the subject or target of a federal investigation, prosecutors have already told Giuliani’s lawyer that because they are required to do so. And they may still be unable to take any action against Giuliani several weeks into the transition period because he is perpetuating the myth that the election is still not over and that the “process” is still working itself out with court cases and press conferences alleging a massive conspiracy that only exists in the overheated imaginations of the president and some of his more rabid reporters.

Giuliani, then, may be cynically enabling Trump’s post-election hysteria with his slapstick lawsuits and show hearings because he knows FBI agents aren’t going to jump on stage to handcuff him while the cameras are still on him. It’s hard to believe that he is so addled as a lawyer and political operative that he actually believes the wild conspiracy theories about a “rigged election” and “massive voter fraud” that he is promoting. No, those are a means to an end.

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