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This Conservative Pundit Says He Actually Got COVID on Purpose

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While most Americans are trying not to catch COVID-19—or, at the very least, pretending it doesn’t exist—one fearless pundit claims to have hugged thousands of people in order to finally contract the respiratory illness.

This week on Fever Dreams, hosts Will Sommer and Kelly Weill visit the case of Dennis Prager, the conservative media figure who is now receiving Regeneron treatments for COVID-19 because he said he actually wanted to contract the illness. “We’re so many cycles into this kind of storyline now that I think Republican figures are getting a little anxious about it and they don’t want to get owned,” Sommer says of Prager’s COVID announcement. “And so you have like Allen West, who only announced that he had COVID after he had already been on a bunch of cycles of Regeneron. And now we have Dennis Prager, who’s saying that, actually, getting COVID rocks.”

COVID isn’t the only fever spreading on the right. Later in the episode, we visit Michigan, where Trump fans are attempting to “audit” the 2020 vote, much like their doomed attempt in Arizona. What’s different this time? “Michigan is funny because unlike Arizona, where it was a line call for Biden, Biden won Michigan really handily,” Weill says. “Like it’s not even close.” Nevertheless, the audit efforts are drawing out some of Michigan’s fringiest, including a state lawmaker who wore a QAnon pin to a recent pro-audit rally. Nevertheless, former President Donald Trump has thrown his weight behind the Michigan audit efforts, calling the state’s GOP chair to ask for an audit and endorsing a pro-audit Michigan attorney general candidate.

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