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‘They’re Scared’: Trump and the GOP Make Desperate Bid to Keep Georgia Red

Drew Angerer

Come Sunday night, amid a flurry of events to close out the campaign, President Donald Trump will find himself in Rome, Georgia as he plays defense to try and keep from losing a state that hasn’t gone for a Democrat in the presidential race since 1992.

And that Trump has to spend crucial final minutes of the campaign in what was once seen as reliably red Georgia wasn’t lost on some Republicans elsewhere in the state like Larry Odum, the chairman of the Appling County Republicans who told The Daily Beast “it does concern me that he is having to come back this late.”

“I would think that our state would be stronger for Republicans than that,” said Odum, who’s still confident the state won’t turn blue. “But there’s a lot of money being shipped into Georgia trying to sway voters the other way.”

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