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They Treat Cops As Props—When They’re Not Trying to Kill Them

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Elise Stefanik appears a bit freaked out at present. The Twitter feed of the newly promoted third-ranking Republican in the House reads like the preserve of a defensive, cornered creature, thrashing and screeching to all who’ll listen how she loves the police, she really loves them!

There’s a reason for Stefanik’s stink of digital flop sweat. A damn good reason.

It’s not just that, as Albany Times-Union columnist Chris Churchill gently put it, “Elise Stefanik says she supports police. Her votes suggest otherwise.” This is inarguable, as he pulls back her curtain of calumny about supposed lack of Democratic support for cops to show she only backs the priorities of the National Association of Police Organizations 57% of the time. More importantly, it’s that the GOP-inspired Jan. 6th assault on the Capitol Building dynamited the facade that Republicans give a shit about police beyond photo ops and cheap talk.

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