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‘They Aren’t Doing Shit’: This Capitol Cop Is Mad as Hell—and Calling It Quits


The police officers who guard the U.S. Capitol do not feel supported by department leaders, lack the proper tools to do the job, and consequently are ill-prepared to stave off another attack like the deadly insurrection on Jan. 6, according to a Capitol cop who was there that day.

In fact, things have gotten so bad over the last few months the 20-year Capitol Police veteran told The Daily Beast that he plans to quit the force.

“When you lose a football game, you go in the next day and you talk about what the fuck went wrong,” the officer said, as his two-way radio squawked in the background. “Would you fucking believe that it’s been three goddamn months and they have yet to talk to the officers to say, ‘Hey listen, moving forward this is what we need you guys to do, these are our expectations, this is where you draw the line in the sand.’ We lost the fucking Capitol, and they aren’t doing shit.”

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